There is a constant supply of rhetoric pointing to China's "success" as a modern communist state. It is this supply that I must attack. A major point these "people" use is usually China's impressive economic growth. While by the books, they are growing at an accelerated rate economically, they have yet to show any trickled down effects. This would include the standard of living that the majority of Chinese enjoy. A simple look at a regular census would show you that while their country is "growing" and advancing", the average income of a Chinese family is less than 10% of what an average American family's income is. Why and how the hell could those two facts correlate?

Quite simply put; wealth redistribution. Thanks to very stringent rules on media in China, there is very little mention of the constant thievery of farm land, personal property and intellectual rights by the state. The stealing of land was for a while limited to the rural countryside, but as more and more citizens move to urban centers, more and more appropriation is occurring. Why? Mostly because there are strict guidelines concerning what each household is "allowed" and extreme penalties are imposed upon infractures. ("Google" one child policy fines and consequences, for example). As well, there is always the possibility that the state needs space to build another statue...

Intellectual property is constantly ignored, and why shouldn't it be? It is all used for the "good" of the state! (A side point would be to discuss whether what is good for the state is also good for the individual...a free market advocate may have some strong opinions about that...) Without those rights being respected, there are a couple consequences. Incentives lack. With rights to this kind of property being abolished, what incentives are there to endeavor for new ones? That would be where propaganda kicks in. IT IS GOOD FOR THE STATE...IT IS GOOD FOR YOU! This propaganda in the Chinese culture is "listened to" (beaten into) by a huge majority and as such, limits the amount of people who would like to turn a profit.  Thus, the only incentive to "create" is for the state. And propaganda will work good for that...until envy comes about. It is always an affliction of socialist states. And in this case, the envy has an international target, namely, America. Hence, the comparison between their average household incomes earlier. This envy, unfortunately for the Chinese Communist Party, is stronger than the propaganda they use. This drives to the heart of socialism...statues. They will constantly be built, parades will be thrown and military gestures will be shown, just to "try" harder and make people listen. Socialists will always try harder, that's all you really need to do anyways. Just do it "right" this time.

 With as high regulation as China has, incentives of individuals can not be meant and therefore contentment and prosperity is a long way off. (An article I pointed to in an earlier post talked about the self regulation of a market system, and it ties nicely into this bit.)

An interesting point about China's "growth" is when they build a huge subdivision of nothing but skyscraping condos...but the state builds them. There are no people living there. Then, they consider it as economic growth. Really? No

Freedom always wins however. As more and more people are drawn into this economic growth "bubble", more and more of them will realize that they are not enjoying more freedoms with their country's growth or better standards of living. China has for a long time done a good job at censoring it's public and not allowing them a great deal of information that would throw a bad light on China's own brand of communism, but that is slowly changing. People are breaking out of the chains, learning more and seeing more; via the internet or elsewhere. "The Great Firewall Of China" has been built but will and has shown the first signs of falling. Giants like Google are even fighting the wall. After they are past the "wall" they have nothing but d envy to greet them as they see others who are not "growing as quickly" them but yet have much higher standards of living.

This of course will encourage the state to crack down more on dissent and "illegal" activities. But what will that do? Encourage people to listen? I think not. With low standards of living, growing envy and now robust government interference and crackdowns, the population will slowly draw away from this communism and embrace not "Western ideals", but what we like to call "freedom". Watch the news...dissent will grow, peaceful protests and demonstrations will turn bloody and then the combination of economic slavery and military oppression will break the people. Then, we will see the greatest turn around in human history.

In summary, China's growth is very much on paper. They as a country are growing, but the people are not. They are becoming more and more estranged from their government and as such will start to envy more and more freedoms that others enjoy. The propaganda will lose it's effect as the state's balance sheets improve. You can not remove human incentivising

Literally a billion people will "see a light", may be not "the" light, but definitely not the gloom they live with right now. If this sounds familiar, it is. It has happened before in a socialist state. The only difference now is that with a global economy that has skilled accountants like we have now, a country can "look" prosperous.

At least  for the time being.