This particular phrase has been used so many times by those eager to pass blame and to cover the truth. In this instance, it is none other than our close friends, the Russians. About Syria. SYRIA. SYRIA!!!!! But let's take a fair look at this.

To be "fair", there hasn't been a lot of on hand documentation. I'll let that sink in.

Now you ask...Why? Why hasn't there been? This says it nicely,

"Also confounding coverage is that some of the footage coming out of Houla is so
gruesome as to be – as one British broadcaster called it – “unbroadcastable.”".

Go figure Russia.

Without creating a gruesome picture of what is happpening, (see CNN), I am sure we can all safely say that there has been death. A lot of it. Gruesome, inhumane slaughter of women, children, everyone. Their behaviour smacks of another article I read that dealt with content suitable for Mila in Resident Evil and her weapon of choice. But Russia can't see it. No, they won't see it. Aren't they human?

Yes, but they're allies.

What about the other powers in the UN?

"The evidence is not murky, and there is a clear footprint of the government in this massacre," German Ambassador Peter Wettig said.

This brings up a point worth considerincomes to my point. History.

History will remember these events. But how? It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I postulate that history is in the penmanship of the allied. Russian children will grow up to believe that the "West" is a bunch of exxagerating morons while children in the west will grow up to belive that Russia is made up of indecisive, weak willed "panzies".

Who is correct? Obviously neither. This sad, disgusting and tragic event will only serve to widen the gap and loosen the already stranded ties between our 2 worlds. The saddest part about Syria is that no matter what happens there to her people, she will only act the part of a pawn. What will be done for the people? Maybe the Canadian's will drop food. If only they had all their body parts by the time that comes.

Deathtolls since March 2011 have neared 11,000 according to some estimates. But they are a sovereign state. At least until they hit 20,000. Then it becomes an outrage. 

But what could they do? The US hit Iraq with everything they had and then some because of a dictator who pissed the wrong guy one too many times.  And then Afghanistan. Because of terrorists. But Syria? No no no no. They have rights as a country. And their government has denied while the people flee from the ARMY!!!

Maybe it's a numbers thing... How many people died in Afghanistan? It is estimated more people have died in Syria since March 2011 then the civilians who died in "War in Afghanistan". And by who? A sovereign legitimate government of course. But they deny it. And because of some sick PC crap that has been pushed on us by the "caring lefties", we accept it. They have rights too, you know? We can't assume they're lying.

We can't assume they're telling the truth either.


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